Magical Realism – A Guest Post by Kim Fielding

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Hi! I’m Kim Fielding. My older daughter, who turned 15 this month, has just been introduced to one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. For her English class, she had to choose from a list of books; Love in the Time of Cholera was on the list. I already owned that book, so I was pleased to hand it over. I was even more pleased when I came home a couple of days later and she raved—in that enthusiastic way only teenaged girls can manage—about how much she loves the book.

This counts as a major parental score.

When she finishes this book, I plan to introduce her to Isabel Allende and then perhaps some of the other magical realist authors. If you’re familiar with my writing, you’ve probably guessed that I love fantasy in general. And while I’m always game for a good sword-and-sorcery yarn, I have to say some of my very favorite works are those in which the fantastic and unbelievable appear among the ordinary and every day. I think it can be a little hard to categorize stories, and there’s often a lot of overlap between magical realism and urban fantasy, but that’s okay. We don’t have to be stuck on labels. The main point is we have an average man or woman doing something commonplace—walking to a restaurant, going to work, making dinner—and something amazing happens.

I wrote a novel—Pilgrimage—in which the protagonist is enjoying a relaxing evening at home, jacking off to Internet porn, when a goddess shows up to whisk him away to an alternate universe, where he must perform a pilgrimage. While that’s not exactly a fate I’d wish for myself, I think when I’m plodding through my boring routines, the idea of the fantastic suddenly appearing before me is very appealing. I’d give a great deal to have a pissed-off goddess zap her way into my next faculty meeting.

I have five (!) new releases this month. One of them is influenced by magical realism. In “Standby,” Tom has found himself in a very mundane situation indeed: he’s stranded at an airport.  Maybe it’s time for a little magic.

Kim’s new releases:

Bone Dry—book 3 in the Bones series—releases October 10

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Brute—French translation!—available now!

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Standby—in the Stranded anthology—releases October 10—available now for preorder!

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The Dance—in the Bones anthology (Gothika vol. 2)—releases October 27—available now for preorder!

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The Festivus Miracle—releases November 1—all proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders—available now for preorder!

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For more details on Kim’s books, as well as some free stories, visit her at .  You can also follow her in Twitter @KFieldingWrites and Facebook at .

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