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Steam Me Up, Rawley
New Adult Steampunk Romance
Series: Book One in the Mint Julep & Monocle Chronicles
Projected Release Date: Jan/Feb 2015
Length: Novel (94,000 words)
Ebook Price: $3.99
ISBN: 978-0-9905400-3-8
Content advisory: Adult language, explicit sex
Cover artist: Kim Killion


Jack the Ripper might be in town. But is marriage more terrifying?

In an alternate Deep South in 1890, society reporter Adele de la Pointe wants to make her own way in the world, despite her family’s pressure to become a society wife. Hoping to ruin herself as a matrimonial prospect, she seizes the opportunity to cover the recent Jack the Ripper-style murders for the newspaper, but her father’s dashing new intern suggests a more terrifying headline—marriage.


Dr. Phillip Rawley’s most daring exploit has been arriving at his new home in America in a hot air balloon. A tolerable sacrifice, if it means he can secure the hand of his new employer’s daughter in a marriage of convenience. But Adele works, she’s spirited, and she has an armored pet monkey running her errands. Not only does she not match his notions of a proper lady, she stirs up feelings he’d rather keep in tight control.

With Adele hunting down a headline and Dr. Rawley trying to protect and pursue her, a serial killer is spreading panic throughout Mobile, Alabama. Can Adele and Rawley find the murderer, face their fears, and discover true love?

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This was a quite interested read for me. The steam punk genre seems perfect for Adele to have her life crisis. She refuses to be married, she wants to work, and not any kind of job, yet her father wants her packed up and delivered to a husband sooner rather than later. At 19, she’s more than old enough to marry, and the idea of her pursuing an investigative journalism career is appalling to almost everyone.

Phillip, the man her father lured from England to Mobile with the intend to marry her to him, is a completely unadventurous doctor who just wants to help his sister. It was interesting to me how both these characters think they other sees them for what they’re not and how much they strive, with sometimes little to show for results, to correct this situations.

Phillip initially wants the marriage for the wrong reasons, just as Adele wants to stay unmarried for other reasons than the ones she goes on about, aloud or in her thoughts. The constant references to her ex-fiancee and the hurt she refuses to admit seem more important than her desire to work. Sure enough, she would have been miserable and would have always wanted more than throwing boring parties, but she seems less opposed to love than she implies.

The society painted in Steam Me Up, Rawley is indeed interesting. Despite the steam punk environment, the rich are the rich. From the shoulder pets the change according to fashion, to their obsession of throwing the best parties, to the obscene amounts they spend on cosmetic surgery, it sort of seems like today knife enhanced celebrity scene, only without the omnipresent technology.

The book was an interesting read, the added mystery of murders and detective work, the intricacies of society rules and customs making it even more compelling. Although a lot happens from the moment Phillip lands on Adele’s porch in his hot air balloon, it’s a slow build at first, with a lot of introspective inner monologue and detailed description of the world you’re immersing yourself into. If you want an alternate universe to your historical romances, this steam punk series is a great place to start.

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About the author

Angela is a geek girl romance writer. What makes her romances geeky? Whether it’s fan girling over Ada Lovelace by having her as a secondary character in Must Love Breeches, or outright geek references with geek types in her romantic comedy with paranormal elements, Beer and Groping in Las Vegas, or going all Southern steampunk in Steam Me Up, Rawley, she likes to have fun with her romances and hopes her readers do too.

Angela works at an independent bookstore and lives in an historic house in the beautiful and quirky town of Mobile, AL. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the usual stuff like gardening, reading, hanging out, eating, drinking, chasing squirrels out of the walls and creating the occasional knitted scarf. She’s had a varied career, including website programming and directing a small local history museum, and has discovered that writing allows her to explore all her interests.

She has a B.A. in Anthropology and International Studies with a minor in German from Emory University, and a Masters in Heritage Preservation from Georgia State University. She was an exchange student to Finland in high school and studied abroad in Vienna one summer in college.

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