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When friends ask one-night stand connoisseur Michael Esteban to introduce college professor and virgin Cobey Miller to the joys of sex, Michael balks. Lust is his thing, not leading a twenty-five year old novice. But shy Cobey has problems meeting men, and their introduction fuels Michael’s decision to help Cobey become a gay-sex-loving guy. It’ll all be fun and games—unless someone falls in love.


This is one of those stories where you know right from the start these two are going to fail miserably at sticking to their initial plan. It’s obvious to everyone but them, yet you are still delighted with how the story progresses.

To say they are opposites when it comes to their gay experiences is a bit of an understatement. Cobey has hidden who he is for a very long time, while Michael is out and proud and enjoying the treats of being single and adventurous. Yet when these two end up together, the need to ease Cobey into things makes it all a bit complicated.


The story is sweet and funny, and Michael’s interaction with his design client made me chuckle. I have been around designers for long enough to know that was not in fact a client from hell, it can get worse. Yup, you can all cringe at that idea. Artistic Endeavor was a very entertaining read for me, light while still rich and having enough substance to it. Definitely recommend this one

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In the dimly lit bar, Michael drummed his fingers on the table. “Maybe you should have let me meet him somewhere without you two along as chaperones.”
Eli chuckled. “It took me a week to convince him to meet you. He’d never go for the blind date thing.”
“Well, he’s late. Sure he’ll show?”
“Relax.” Burke massaged Eli’s neck. “He’ll be here.”
Ordinarily Michael looked forward to sizing up a new man. In fact, he’d already taken stock of every guy in the room. If Cobey didn’t show, the bartender looked like a good prospect. Prolonged eye contact, a big grin, and a wink when serving Michael’s beer. Yep, good prospect. Someone new.
Of course, Cobey would be new. Too new. Michael sighed. How was he supposed to introduce himself? Hello. I’m the guy our mutual friends have asked to be your sex instructor. How’s it hangin’? Yippee.
“There.” Eli nodded at the entrance. “Just coming in.”
For a moment it was too crowded to see much, but the herd of patrons parted. Michael licked his lips. Well, well, well. The picture hadn’t done Cobey justice. Nicely wide shoulders, narrow hips, hair a man could get a grip on. Dark eyes. A perfect mouth—full but not too full. How was it possible this gorgeous male specimen had never been intimate with another guy? And Michael had the opportunity to be the first one.
I can certainly sacrifice myself for the greater good by teaching him.


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Once upon a misspent youth, Whitley read and wrote stories under the covers at night. At some point, real life intervened, bringing with it responsibilities and a career in the medical field. After years of technical writing, Whitley became enamored of romance and took on the challenge of giving it a try. Inventing characters and putting them through paces in interesting ways turned out to be addictive, and along the way, Whitley discovered having two heroes is twice as nice. A pot of coffee, quiet, and a storyline featuring a couple of guys makes for a perfect day.

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