Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler – Blog Tour #Review, excerpt and #giveaway

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Book Title: Fifty Shades of Foreskin
Author: Robert Chandler
Publisher: Chandler World Media (February 3, 2015)
Book Length: 271 pages
Genre: Gay, Action/Adventure, Erotica


Jake Parker is barely legal…and very deadly!

He’s a young, hot, uncut and impulsive twink with a secret. On his own for the first time, this seemingly normal gay teen is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. His journey from boyhood to manhood will be filled with sex, adventure, travel, danger and passion.

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He’ll be put through tests and training that will stretch him to his limits, teaching him what he’s truly made of. But once he’s stripped bare, face-to-face with a savage and seductive enemy, will he have what it takes to save the free world?The first summer of his adulthood will leave Jake Parker changed forever… if he lives through it!

Fifty Shades of Foreskin is a boundary-pushing gay erotic adventure full of unforgettable excitement, forbidden desire and pulse-pounding thrills.

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I have gotten into the habit of reading books without reading the blurb first. I like to be surprised and that was the case with Fifty Shades of Foreskin. As I started to read the book, I really did not know what to make of Jake Parker and this gay erotic adventure. Sex with the pizza boy did seem a bit like a scenario from a porno. Older flight attendant pounding him into oblivion or the coach taking his anal cherry? Yup, right there with port scenarios.

A trip to the UK and some more sex later, Jake Parker, the spy is introduced and his mission is set before him. Where do you think it is? Secluded boys’ university on an island. Fifty Shades of Foreskin definitely reminded me of an SAS agent series the boys in my class were reading in secondary school. The guy had sex with several women while solving complicated cases in each book of the series. Add to that the impossible universes of manga/anime in the boys’ love genre where you really have to look for someone who’s not gay and the most impossibly crazy scenarios, and you have this fun read.

I normally only like books that are heavily erotic if they don’t have a thick plot as their backbone. Fifty Shades of Foreskin is something different. It’s so crazy in how things turn out, the contrast between the deadly spy and the way he wants to be dominated sexually so perfectly delivered, the men so hot and the sex so plentiful, you cannot help but laugh and enjoy yourself while reading it.

Jake Parker is quite the character. A kid turned adult over night, who still feels like crying because he’s going to miss his parents, yet quickly forgets about that when his blood travels south. He embraces everything that comes his way with an open heart (and most often by quickly getting undressed) and he always recovers quickly. There is some mystery to the book and enough threads for future stories dangled in front of you to feel you’ve been promise another book featuring Jake and trust me, you’ll want it. A little amused, a little aroused, sometimes wondering what the hell is going on, you will want to know what on earth will Jake get himself into next. Or who he’ll get under…


Grand Prize: Signed Paperback and an ebook of Fifty Shades of Foreskin
First Prize: Signed Paperback of Fifty Shades of Foreskin
Second, Third & Forth Prize: An eBook of Fifty Shades of Foreskin

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With a quiet and deep sigh, I pull my white T-shirt over my head, pull off my shoes, unbuckle my belt and let my pants drop. I kick them off a few feet away as I stand in my white briefs and white socks. Fuck this underwear! I wish I wore something that made me look cooler and not just the pair of briefs my mom got me at JCPenney. They’re white, store-brand Y-fronts with a dark blue and gold stripe around the waistband. So embarrassing! Maybe I should give a little more thought to what I wear under my pants. But then I didn’t exactly expect to be put on display like this. Now I’m stuck here feeling, and looking, ridiculous. I really wanted to be cool about this whole thing. Yet here I am, three pairs of eyes looking at me like an insect beneath a microscope. Except insects never make the bad decision to wear stupid department store underwear bought by their insect moms. Lucky insects! Am I off to a bad start already?

“Strip all the way please, sir,” one of the other armed men, the bald one, instructs.

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About the author

Robert Chandler is a writer, filmmaker and sexual revolutionary. Since an early age, he dreamed of telling stories of adventure that readers would masturbate to, but put those dreams aside to focus on his cats and career. He finally worked up the nerve to put fingers to keys with his first novel, Fifty Shades of Foreskin. He is also the creator of the popular adult website, Fantastic Foreskin.

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2 Responses to “Fifty Shades of Foreskin by Robert Chandler – Blog Tour #Review, excerpt and #giveaway”

  1. I really enjoyed Ms. Popescu’s take on my novel. She brings up some insightful and interesting points.

    She’s right that the first chapters read like “a scenario from a porno.” I started out with some well-tread porn tropes to introduce the character. I felt a more modern character might bring some freshness to familiar set ups. It also seemed to be a good way for the reader to get to know Jake, the hero.
    I also wanted to write a little bit of a love letter to old-style gay porn before moving on from it. Gay porn has helped many of us to stop feeling ashamed of our sexuality. It’s helped up be freer. Jake doesn’t feel that same shame because we’ve moved on in many ways. Old attitudes meet new attitudes.
    The coach, the pizza boy, the flight attendant. They’re as familiar in gay porn and erotica as the princess, the cowboy and the space hero are in feature films. I wanted to experience what Gordon Merrick and all those men writing for gay porn magazines decades ago felt like when writing out their fantasies. The past is rich and sexy, but I didn’t want to muddle down the book with nostalgia. These tropes are shed when Jake arrives in Europe. He’s in new territory, excited and just a little scared. That’s how I wanted to feel writing the rest of the book.
    Who is this guy? Can humor blend with the erotic? Have I gone to far? Will this arouse? Can I seed elements of mystery? Can I lay the groundwork for future stories?

    These are the questions I asked as I continued.

    I love this section of the review:
    “Jake Parker is quite the character. A kid turned adult over night, who still feels like crying because he’s going to miss his parents, yet quickly forgets about that when his blood travels south. He embraces everything that comes his way with an open heart (and most often by quickly getting undressed) and he always recovers quickly.”

    I’m glad Ms. Popescu’s enjoyed the character. I’m glad I was able to build a character that went beyond the generic desirable twink. I’m excited about exploring Jake in future novels, challenging him and seeing how far he can be taken before losing the wonderful confidence and excitement of youth. In some ways he’s like our sex drives: confident, warm and optimistic. Fun and exciting.

    I’m looking forward to delving into the “threads for future stories dangled in front of you.” And I’ll be looking forward to reading Ms. Popescu’s thoughts on that book.

    • Alina Popescu says:

      Hi Robert! Alina, please. Ms Popescu makes me look over my shoulder and ask who? 😀

      Sorry it took so long to approve this, my spam filter messed up and just fished your comment out.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review and reply to it. I have to say I was just confused at first, then intrigued, then just got into it and had to see what happened in the end 😀 So I loved the book and I think pushing the limits as much as you did was a great choice. We need more of that, otherwise all the books will start to seem the same 🙂

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