Blog Tour #Review – Fire’s Field by Jillian Jacobs

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Title:Fire’s Field

Series:The Elementals Series

Author:Jillian Jacobs

Genre:Paranormal Romance


Tagline: Destinies forged by an enchantment, yet love is the brightest flame of all.


Bound by a dark enchantment, only an elemental flame can light the way.


Forged in rage and sorrow, a dark witch’s spell travels down her ancestral line to Violet Levina. Enchanted with the power of the entire Electromagnetic spectrum—microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves, Violet is cursed with limitless energy and the obligation to destroy an insidious creature composed of dark matter.


For over five hundred years, Flint has served as Fire, aiding Earth’s environment and its people as one of four Elementals. Yet only once in his long existence has he been burned. A flaming redhead ignites the embers of his heart, but he finds her resistant to the heat building between them.

Fire's Field Cover


Knowing she must fulfill her destiny, Violet travels to her home in Ireland, accompanied by the fiery Elemental. Not fooled by his charms and brazen demeanor, Violet wishes only to shield him from the coming battle, but can’t deny the flames of desire flickering when she is at his side.


While standing together against unrelenting adversaries, false friends, family betrayals, and an underlying seed of darkness, they must burn bright, or the ruthless power behind the ancient spell will turn everything to ash.

With Flint as her beacon in a field of darkness, Violet will discover that love holds the most powerful magic of all.


Book #1 in Elementals Series is Water’s Threshold.



Mother nature and elementals fighting the embodiment of dark matter… Just this setting got me hooked on the series. Maybe because i grew up with Captain Planet, who knows? But I found the idea refreshing and gripping. I was proven right by Fire’s Field, just as it happened with Water’s Threshold. The mix of science and paranormal in building this supernatural world is quite compelling. Add the witchcraft background of Violet, a curse or duty (depends on your point of view) that spans over centuries and many generation, and you’ve got yourself quite the adventure.

Flint is a charming, addictive character. I’ve loved him since his very first interactions with Terran in book one, but he really comes to life in book two. The artistic side of him, the determined pursuer in his relationship with Violet, the side that’s compelled to help humans, all these facets made me love him even more. Having him paired with the scientist who’s also a witch, not that was really interesting. Violet running away from him and fighting their connection was to be expected if you’ve paid attention to the prologue, but I still wanted to shake her a little and tell her to just stop and give in, their pull to each other seemed impossible to resist anyway.

Violet’s friendship with Pilar was also well described. I think they complement each other in an interesting way and their interactions showed different shades of the salty player of this game.

If you want a paranormal series that will introduce beings you are not that familiar with and a love story to keep you stuck to your kindle wondering if they make it in the end, this is a good read for you. If you’re a fan of book one, well, there are plenty of cameos from the characters you love and Flint and Violet will certainly make it into your preference list.


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About the Author

In the spring of 2013, Jillian Jacobs changed her career path and became a romance writer. After reading for years, she figured writing a romance would be quick and easy. Nope! With the guidance of the Indiana Romance Writers of America chapter, she’s learned there are many “rules” to writing a proper romance. Being re-schooled has been an interesting journey, and she hopes the best trails are yet to be traveled. Water’s Threshold, the first in Jillian’s Elementals series, was a finalist in Chicago-North’s 2014 Fire and Ice contest in the Women’s Fiction category. Jillian is a: Tea Guzzler, Polish Pottery Hoarder, and lover of all things Moose.

The genres she writes under are: Paranormal and Contemporary with suspenseful elements.

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