Book Review: Trap Me! by Chris and Cooper Elkin

Title:Trap Me!

Series:Trap Me!

Author:Chris and Cooper Elkin

Genre:Adventure, Antropomorphic, Gay romance



Finally, a Happy Gay Furry Adventure!


Unconventional music composer Aidan Prowl, a canine in his right mind (sometimes), wants to go in search of an ancient musical instrument. Yes, all well and good, but the journey is dangerous and he knows that he shouldn’t go alone.

When opportunity strikes, quite literally—through his window—he gleefully blackmails Zack, a down-to-earth feline, into going with him.

Aidan and Zack may end up finding more than they were looking for, and not only in the romantic sense—if they can both stay alive long enough—trapped in this thrilling treasure hunt filled with bandits, puzzles, suspenseful chases and so much more.

Keep your paws crossed and hold on tight as this book will take you through the most incredible furry adventure you will ever read, with colorful characters and, yes, steampunk nuances.”

The book includes over 30 beautiful pieces of paw-drawn artwork and illustrations.



When I heard of this gay furry adventure that’s supposed to be happy, I was intrigued. Did I have doubts? Not really, I’ve read enough yaoi manga that featured wolves and bears and cats and foxes that took on humanoid features, and I enjoyed those stories. If however you have any doubts, forget them now and just read!

I’d classify this as young adult, although it’s appropriate for all ages, from middle grade to adult. Aidan and Zack’s adventure reminded me of the books I used to read when I was younger. The trials, the funny, awkward, and sweet moments, the danger and the mystery all blend together in a gripping story through a furry world where these two characters experience an adventure nofur has ever seen before.

Although understated, the love story between Aidan and Zack is evident to everybody, except them two. And even later on, only one of them figures out what’s going on. It’s beautifully told, slow paced (contrasting with the much faster pace of their adventure) and sweet. I’d use moe here, for those who know this particular Japanese term 😀

The relic quest reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider was a great choice – a lost artifact, former priests, a destroyed city, a map that was locked away and kept secret. The right number of adventurers comes together at the right time, yet through it all, not everything is as it appears.

A fun, easy, sweet read, with great illustrations from the two authors, Trap Me! is definitely a recommended read.

About the authors

Chris and Cooper Elkin are writing Furry Fiction. It’s as simple as that.

A genre that doesn’t really appear in many libraries, the anthropomorphic books have always made them laugh, or cry, depending on the story.

They have always wanted to write and, when the wish became a need, “Trap Me!” appeared.

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