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Its summer and three friends from Ohio graduate college, ready to start making their way in the real world.

Rhys; the eternal optimist who wants to be an actor and moves to Los Angeles.

Erick; the career man, seeking money and position who moves with him.

And Joey; the aspiring artist, who for the love of his girlfriend, Cheryl, stays behind in Ohio.

While attempting to follow their dreams each must face their share of personal and professional obstacles. Each is tested. Will they lose sight of themselves?

Will old friendships fall apart and new friendships form?

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“OKAY YOU three, get together,” a woman with a camera says to her son and two of his friends. She brushes a stray strand of hair out of her face.

“Ugh, come on, Mom,” moans Rhys.

She gives him the “mom look” and he quickly puts his graduation cap on his shaggy brown hair.

“I really wish you would have gotten your hair cut,” Rhys’ dad says, standing behind his wife. He holds the graduation program up to block the sun from his eyes.

“Ooh look, it’s the mascot!” says his mom, running across the quadrangle to catch the giant squirrel, which is wearing a graduation gown of its own. Well, it’s more of a waddle than a run. She’s having difficulty running in a dress and high heels.

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Blank bookcover with clipping path

“This is so embarrassing,” Rhys says, and he follows his mom with his two friends.

At six foot one, Joey is about the same height as Rhys, but his blond hair is spikier and shorter. “Yeah, it is,” he says. “You should be ashamed.”

“My family is probably looking for me, you know?” Erick, the shortest member of the group, says. He’s a pale guy who has a constant five o’clock shadow no matter how recently he’s shaved.

“Okay, guys, hurry,” says Rhys’ mom. She has the mascot cornered between a large bell and a wall of shrubs. Rhys and Joey get on either side of the squirrel and Erick stands in front of it. “You look like a vampire, Erick,” she says, looking at the image on the camera.


“It’s just your white skin against the black robe,” she says, mostly to herself as she gets the picture perfect. “Okay, thanks!” she says to the squirrel once the picture has been taken. “I’m just saying that you probably should have gotten a base tan before moving to California,” she continues to Erick as she reviews the several dozen pictures she’s taken so far today. “You’re going to burn like a lobster once you get out there.”

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JOHN WILEY is currently a barista that hates coffee, but is really good at making it. When not writing, he likes to expose his cat to as many Christmas movies as possible. Just like his life, his biography is a work in progress.


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