Cover Reveal: Illuminate the Shadows, Shatterproof Bound #1 by Isobel Starling


The thrilling, funny sequel to ‘As You Wish’.

“A Scotsman and an Englishman fall in love…

After the most amazing week of his life at Dunloch Castle on the banks of Loch Ness. The charming, mysterious Samuel Aiken has turned Declan Ramsay’s life upside down. Declan has experienced a remarkable change. He has come to terms with the fact he is bisexual, and he has fallen head-over-heels in love with his boss’s son Sam. However, falling for his boss’s son was never going to be an easy path to happiness, mainly because the boss in question is multi-millionaire property tycoon and former MI5 operative, Sir James Aiken.

Sir James is repulsed by his son’s homosexuality, and so discovering that his employee, Declan Ramsay- the man he installed to run his luxury property rental empire- is in a relationship with Sam, does not go down well.

The lovers cannot hide from the looming presence of Sir James Aiken for long! Soon enough James makes his move, and Declan will find out what he will have to endure to stay with Sam, and what he will have to give to feel worthy of Sam’s love.”

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Exclusive Excerpt: Sexy Breakfast

“Sam placed the tray on top of a tall chest of drawers.  His skin prickled with the sensation of Declan standing close behind him.  He inhaled deeply, distracted by the heat and earnest intent of the brawny body melding itself to his back.  Declan reached past him for a glass of orange juice and tossed it back like a Whiskey shot.  He placed the empty glass back on the tray and then reached for his main course.

Strong muscled arms enfolded Sam around his waist and across his chest.  Sam noted the rainbow of bruises on Declan’s wrists.  A curl of anger squeezed at his heart, to be swiftly extinguished by the tickle of beard and mauling kisses that electrified the nape of his neck.  Sam leaned his head back to Declan’s shoulder to give him greater access to pepper kisses over his sensitive throat.  He ground his ass against Declan’s crotch in slow, torturous circles, purring out his pleasure, not caring if the toast went soggy.

Declan’s hand slid down his lover’s body, and everywhere his fingers trailed sparked fire on the surface of Sam’s skin.  He cupped Sam’s cock and balls through the fabric of the jockstrap and massaged, enjoying the power of making Sam harden beneath his grip.

“God!  Yer such a sexy bastard.  I missed ye so much,” Declan growled between kisses and licks around Sam’s ear, “But, why d’ye no sleep in mah bed?”

Sam arched up to the large, warm hand coveting his cock.  The rough kneading sensation was sublime.  “You… uh… kicked me out.  Don’t you remember?”  Sam stuttered, barely able to form a sentence.

“The only reason I’d kick ye outa bed, is te fuck ye on the floor!”  Declan replied.  Both men laughed, sparkling eyes and broad affectionate smiles reflecting one another.

Sam reluctantly pulled away from the compulsive heat of Declan’s ardour.  He staggered over to sit on the edge of the unmade king-size bed.  Declan observed him, eyes narrowed, and his face suddenly etched with confusion at the apparent rejection.

Sam was supposed to be working — observing how his new partner coped after his interview.  “We need to have a chat,” Sam said earnestly, before being cut off by Declan fiercely asserting,

“I’ll no’ hear another word!  No’ yet…  I’m famished.  I need te eat first!”  The predatory stares and sexy dominance in the tone of his Scottish accent made the instruction absolute.

Sam felt a shiver of lust run down his spine.  He supposed it couldn’t hurt to play a little before work!  “

The prequel novella, As You Wish is on sale on ARe. Graphic and link attached. Grab your copy:

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Author Bio:

Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times.

Born in Germany, Isobel Starling spent most of her twenty-year professional career making art.  She relocated to the UK and,faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, Isobel started to write and found she loved it more than making art.

Isobel’s first novel “Schonling” was a best seller in the GLBT-Bisexual genre on the ‘All Romance ebooks’ site.
She has just completed her sixth book, and signed French translation rights for novella “As You Wish”.

She adores the M/M genre and enjoys writing about wounded souls and the complexities of personal relationships.
Despite not having found proof yet, Isobel believes in love at first sight and endeavours to give her men a thrilling journey and a satisfying ending!

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