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Title: Good Boys
Series: The Solomon Series, Book One
Author: Keelan Ellis
Genre: Gay Fiction, Detective, Mystery
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Paul Solomon is a homicide detective in Baltimore, a city with a high murder rate and a complicated relationship between the police and the citizens they are sworn to protect.

He’s also a gay man who has been out on the job since he first joined. Being out on a tough police force hasn’t always been easy, but living with integrity is important to him.

Paul’s love life becomes as tumultuous as his job with the demise of his relationship of eight years. While dealing with the emotional and physical upheaval in his personal life, a case comes across his desk that hits a little too close to home—the murder of two gay teenagers.

Paul and his partner, Tim Cullen, must solve the double homicide, and Paul has to find a way to move on from his failed relationship.

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I love detective stories, mysteries, and police procedurals. I just love them, and have watched and read them for a long, long time. It’s no wonder a book like Good Boys would appeal to me. Of course, that’s all that got me to read it. What kept me going was this brilliant story that’s character driven while having a solid story about investigating a murder. It’s has great pacing, it keeps you on edge, yet it’s always about the characters. The detectives, the victims, the witnesses, their lives, how they are intertwined, and how it all moves forward whether they like it or not.

I loved Paul Solomon. I loved that, like everything in the book, there’s nothing about him that’s easy or straightforward black and white. He’s a human being with flaws and wonderful traits, the people he meets are just as colorful, and the situations they are put into range from ordinary to “are you kidding me?” It all felt very real, very solid, and extremely engaging.

As I kept reading and approaching the end of the book, all I thought was… thank heavens this is the first in a series. I just didn’t want to say goodbye to these characters! I loved hanging out with them, following in their footsteps as they got closer to the conclusion of this case. I didn’t guess who the killer was, which is always a plus for me. I can’t say whether I could, were the characters and action less distracting. I’m just glad I didn’t. It made me enjoy the story even more.

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About the author

KEELAN ELLIS is an east coast girl for life, a progressive, a lover of music and musicians, a mother of two very challenging girls, a loyal though sometimes thoughtless friend, a slacker, a dreamer and a bad influence. She likes true crime podcasts, great television and expensive craft cocktails made by hipsters in silly vests.

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