Midnight Twist by Rian Durant – Book Review + Guest Post

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Title:Midnight Twist

Author:Rian Durant

Genre:Gay romance, Paranormal

Publisher:NineStar Press

Today’s book is a fresh one from NineStar Press – Midnight Twist by Rian Durant. This is a gay paranormal romance and a fairly quick read. To find out all about it, read on!

Blurb – Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

Jaydon can’t afford to lose a bet he’s made, so when the sweet as sin Eluin offers him The Contract, it may be exactly what he needs. Or is it? Things get a little twisted with the cheeky demon being around.

The number of demons in Jaydon’s apartment grows, with Eluin’s big brother Eluel and his wayward lover Sam showing up. The couple is at a breaking point in their own on/off relationship and this time getting back together seems as probable as hell freezing over.

Where to Buy Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

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Midnight Twist by Rian Durant
Midnight Twist by Rian Durant Excerpt

It all started with an espresso machine, even though I’d seen him drinking espresso only once in all the time we knew each other. Then he complained for three days that he hadn’t tasted such swill in his whole life. The fact that I’d made it for him with all my love didn’t cause him to show an ounce of tact.

I felt in my gut it was a tremendous mistake to enter the mall, but even if I’d tried to avoid it, I doubt he would’ve taken my opinion into account. He would’ve thrown a temper tantrum of magnificent proportions, which wasn’t a pretty sight. I’d been a witness and a victim of such antics once, only it was in front of a restaurant, which I hadn’t dared come close to ever since.

The glowing look in his eyes while we passed by the shop windows made my heart sink, because I couldn’t afford most of the things he stared at, especially with the plans we had for the rest of the week. My lovely boyfriend possessed a seductive appearance and a good heart, but his perceptions were terribly distorted due to eighteen years of systematic spoiling at the hands of his parents. He used to reassure me this wasn’t going to come between us since he was madly in love with me, but he couldn’t be further from the truth. After the ironic remarks I had been subjected to in the past few weeks, I knew I wasn’t going to get away with it.

I didn’t want to lose him, but it was clear that if I didn’t overcome my financial issues, his love for me would vanish into thin air together with his rebellious spirit, and he’d settle with any of the “appropriate partners” his parents tried to match him with. Once, one of his father’s business tycoon friends with his three hot lovers landed in front of my door and pounced on me, obviously not familiar with the appearance of his intended chosen one. I led a fierce battle using all means possible, which ended up being the shoehorn lying next to the shoes at the front door, in order to preserve my honor. Things deteriorated when Lyte came out of the bathroom in his short, sexy bathrobe to check why I was wreaking such havoc. We had to barricade the door and listen to a serenade for more than an hour before the police came to take them away.

I turned to Lyte with a smile, intending to remind him of that time the tycoon came calling, but when I caught his hand, he didn’t react at all. He had already seen it. He gazed at the window with an oblivious smile, and then raised his finger and pointed at it. A second later he issued a brief statement with a determination I’d rarely heard in the voice of another human being.

“I want it!”

My Review

Midnight Twist is a short, sweet paranormal tale. Those who enjoy demons in their paranormal stories will definitely appreciate. I am not a big fan of instalove, but this choice on the author’s part made sense given Jaydon’s personality. He’s had a younger lover whose only quality is his being gorgeous, and even when it’s over, instead of counting his blessings, he tries to get his shallow ex back. In his relationship with Eluin, he definitely gets the better end of their bargain. That said, the demon is fun to read and I was pleased to see Jaydon move away from his subpar past relationship.

Eluel and Sam are an interesting couple and I liked their story more than the first one. Their conflict is more interesting to me and I wished these were separate stories so that each couple would get more screen time. At the end of this, I felt Eluel and Sam’s relationship had made more sense to me and kept me interested more than Eluin and Jaydon. Eluin made the read worthwhile, why Jaydon seemed a little passive to me. Maybe even a little shallow, as looks seem to be the main reason he falls in love in both cases.

If you enjoy quick reads with feisty demons, then you should pick up Midnight Twist!

Old manuscripts, Coffee and Manga

A guest post by Rian Durant

“It started with a coffee machine.”

This is the first line of my comic novella “Midnight Twist” that came out on the 2nd of April this year. But do you want to know when it started?

It was 2009. Yep, I wrote the original of this story 9 years ago, or to be precise, the first part of it.  I don’t remember what exactly inspired me. I guess it was seeing one of those Dolce Gusto machines or it might have been completely unrelated, but I wrote it quickly.  I used to drink a lot of coffee and read a lot of manga back then and the influence of both is apparent.

Fast forward more than six years, when I submitted it for an anthology but the publisher decided they want it as a standalone, so I wrote the second part. It was equally fun, but that publisher closed (you know, unfortunately, that happened to more than a few lately) and it hopped again in the “old manuscripts” file.

It continued bugging me though, so I found it a home in NineStar Press and I’m glad about it. I’m a believer in the saying that things do happen when it is the right time for them.

I don’t drink coffee now (except decaf now and then) and I don’t read that much manga anymore (I wish I had the time!) but I’m happy to present my “Midnight Twist” – a short novella of quirky demons, love, and coffee.

If one of the three stirs your fancy, be my guest. Oh, we also have apple pie.

Meet Rian Durant

Author Rian DurantRian Durant is a writer roaming the MM fiction sphere but doesn’t like being confined by (sub)genres and categories. The only rule she believes in when it comes to life, love and writing is to do everything with passion or not at all.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/riandurantauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rian_durant
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rian_durant/
Blog: https://riandurant.wordpress.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14370031.Rian_Durant

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