Free Supernatural and Fantasy Books

100+ Free Supernatural and Fantasy Books to Try out This Summer

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Are you a fan of urban, paranormal, epic, and other forms of fantasy books? Then please take a few minutes out of your day to read about over one hundred free supernatural and fantasy books you can choose from right now. Instafreebie has two magic and fantasy themed giveaways going on right now and I want to tell you all about them.

Find your perfect read out of 100+ free Supernatural and Fantasy books

It can be a little overwhelming to discover new authors and new books that you’ll enjoy enough to keep on reading throughout long series. So having a free taste of a new fantasy world can help a lot. I know my book buying funds are limited (although I go overboard often enough), and I also know that short samples can be misleading. The answer to that is often a lot longer samples, and free first books are a delight. If I like the first book, then I go on to read the entire series. And yeah, I usually binge read my way through them.

The best part? No strings attached! You can simply claim the book, read it, and decide if you want more from that author. While each author offers the possibility to join their newsletter, it’s not a requirement. So if you actually want to try all the books, you won’t end up on hundreds of different mailing lists. You can choose those that genuinely interest you.

The All Supernatural Giveaway

43 free supernatural and fantasy books to try
Ends on June 25th

Your first stop is the All Supernatural Giveaway. You have 43 different books to choose from. Explore witchcraft, paranormal romances, urban adventures and more. Discover new authors and new enticing series and, more importantly, make sure your summer reading list is out of this world!

Check this Instafreebie giveaway here.

Summer Magic Fantasy Group Giveaway

118 free supernatural and fantasy books to try
Ends on June 18th

The Summer Magic Fantasy Group Giveaway is dedicated to all fantasy sub-genres. It’s run by Instafreebie and you have  118 books to browse through. A lot, I know, but it’s totally worth it. And you still have a few days to find your next epic fantasy, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance favorite read.

Check out this giveaway here.

The Edge of Hope – My vampire urban fantasy addition to the giveaways

I like full disclosures, so I need to tell you that my own book, The Edge of Hope, the first book in the vampire urban fantasy series Bad Blood, is also part of these giveaways. If you want to go straight to my book, then claim it here.

The Edge of Hope vampire urban fantasy

The Edge of Hope – Bad Blood, Book One

Out of a painful past, straight into a menacing world of vampires

Scarred by a devastating breakup, Alexa goes on a long vacation to Malta. Trying to forget her painful past by writing a vampire book, she soon catches the eye of an alluring journalist. Magnetic and oozing danger, Anthony is the type of guy Alexa can’t refuse.

Alexa’s hopes and dreams for a new beginning morph into a dangerous trap. She finds herself entangled in a world she thought a myth – vampires, their ancient secrets, and life-threatening pursuits.

As Alexa defies the hold of this ominous reality, she follows her quest of self-discovery and finding love. Will she survive this blood-bound journey?

The Edge of Hope is the first book in the new and enthralling vampire series Bad Blood. If you like urban fantasy with a strong dose of adventure, witty dialogue, and strong female leads, then you will love Alina Popescu’s fast-paced and gritty vampire saga.

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