Wolf at His Door

Book Review: The Wolf at His Door by Adrian W. Lily

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Title:The Wolf at His Door

Series:The Runes, Book 1

Author:Adrian Lily

Genre:Gay fiction, Paranormal, Horror


Publisher:One House Hill

I am a huge fan of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that. I am a huge fan of werewolves in all their forms, so I was super excited to read The Wolf at His Door by Adrian W. Lily. This gay paranormal book is the first in The Runes trilogy and has a horror feel to it which I enjoyed. But before I get further into the review, let’s see what this book is all about.

The Wolf at His Door by Adrian W. Lily

Ilene Rune has lived with a secret for 21 years that threatens to destroy her marriage, her life, and all of humanity. But how can she tell her son, Alec, that his new boyfriend, Jared, may be part of that secret?

Investigating a brutal murder, Detective Lance Herald enters a dark world of fairy tales and fantasy—that shakes his belief in what is possible and imagined.

Lucy Rune cannot fathom what happened the night one brother was slaughtered and the other critically wounded—but she does know, her boyfriend, Rene, who was also attacked is changing.
Geraldine Bloom, Alec’s grandmother, has the gift of foresight, and has waited for years for the evil that wants her grandson to come for him.

Alec Rune wakes from a coma to learn his twin brother has been murdered—and that he is the only witness. But he remembers nothing of the night.

The Wolf at His Door – EyesOnBooks Review

It’s been a while since I read this book, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. It’s an interesting story, weaving together the supernatural aspects of werewolves with genetics (from a mad scientist gene manipulation perspective). It has a horror, scary feel, with feral wolves intent on killing. It has some mystery to it, with both Alec trying to figure out what is going on, and police detectives trying to get to the bottom of puzzling murders. It has a romantic subplot and steamy scenes. It explores family, friendship, and love. It has some twists and turns.

On paper, all the elements of The Wolf of His Door sound great. Yet when blended together, it feels like a bit too much. I felt the book was trying to follow different storylines and trying to neatly bring them together, but they weren’t cohesive enough. Some of the scenes seemed like forced into the book, like a threesome that comes out of left field, and I felt the same about some character decisions. That said, the world is promising, the characters are interesting, and I enjoyed the scary aspects of the werewolf world. There was this sense of danger, and the cast of characters really did seem like they were about to be viciously killed.

If you like your horror stories to be more on the horror spectrum of paranormal, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Wolf at His Door by Adrian W. Lily. More so if you like a procedural mystery and shady pasts affecting the characters’ current lives.

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