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Series Spotlight: The Charlie Davies Mysteries by Clare Kauter

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Title:The Charlie Davies Mysteries

Author:Clare Kauter

Genre:Mystery, Humor

If you follow my author YouTube channel or my author Instagram account, then you won’t be at all surprised that I absolutely love The Charlie Davies Mysteries by Clare Kauter. It’s a great mystery series, Charlie Davies is my favorite sleuth, even if she’s an amateur and a child most of the times, and her pet pigs are the cutest. Yes, the puns are also great, but have you heard about Adam? Have you found him, the tall, dark, and genius asshole? Let him into your heart? Do I sound like I’m about to knock on your door and explain that this is the holy mystery series that will save your soul? Okay, let me snap out of that real quick…

Okay, enough fangirling. Let’s get serious. I met Clare through her YouTube channel and we kind of ended up being friends. Because she kept promoting her free stuff on each video, I thought I’d try said free stuff. The deal is simple – you sign up for her newsletter and you get three free books. Or you can download some free stuff on Amazon (which I did, cause I like having everything on my kindle immediately).

My Thoughts on the Series

The first Clare Kauter book I ever read was Live and Let Bondi (see my video review here), which takes place in the same world Charlie Davies lives in. After that, I needed more, so I read Losing Your Head – the first in The Charlie Davies Mysteries. I intended to read a bit then go to bed. Hours later, I was still reading, laughing my ass off, and not planning on going to bed anytime soon.

This is not a cozy mystery series, not really. There’s too much swearing and too much blood, I’d say. But this female sleuth makes for a funny, flawed, and totally relatable lead. And the mysteries are amazing. Okay, fine, and there are puns. Like on every other page. Yes, all bad, because apparently there’s no good pun. Charlie starts off in her late teens, ditching her retail job and almost accidentally going to work for Baxter & Co, a company that does private investigating and security, and they are the best at it.

author clare kauter

What’s more interesting about Charlie is how often she’s on the verge of dying–people tend to want to kill her a lot, and she’s also super clumsy. She also has peculiar friends, from stalkers to super rich and hot bachelors, a crazy family, and a passion for pet pigs. The supporting cast is colorful, interesting, and funny. Heck, everything in this series is funny. Well, apart from all the murderers, bent cops, and drug dealers…

I’d like to tell you more about it, but it’s just soo hard to do without spoiling things for you. So just trust me on this, you’ll love it if mystery and humor are your thing. I started with book one, then bought the rest of the books in the series (8 more so far), and read through them in a few months. I could have gone a lot faster, but I had other things on my TBR as well. So yeah, don’t plan on falling asleep (the sound of your laughter will keep you awake), and be prepared to not want to read anything else.

The Charlie Davies Mysteries by Clare Kauter

Now let me introduce you to this series properly. Here are all the books. I loved each and every one of them. So hope you enjoy them too!

Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book One)

Losing Your Head Clare KauterCharlie Davies has never solved a murder before – or committed one, although it might have crossed her mind. Especially when it comes to James McKenzie. 

When rich boy James is accused of killing his uncle, he bets Charlie twenty grand that she can’t find the real culprit, and she simply can’t resist. The money, that is – she has no trouble resisting him, no matter how symmetrical his stupid face is.

What James doesn’t know is that Charlie has an advantage: she’s just begun working at a private investigation company. OK, so she’s the receptionist, but it’s a start, right?

What Charlie doesn’t know is, well, a lot. But she’d better learn fast, or James will win the bet. As Charlie investigates, things get more and more dangerous. She needs to find the murderer soon, or it won’t just be her money and reputation on the line…

She might lose her head.

A hilarious mystery series for fans of Stephanie Plum, Lexi Graves and Addison Holmes! ‘Losing Your Head’ is the first book in The Charlie Davies Mysteries. If you enjoy soft-boiled mysteries with a snarky heroine, give this series a try!

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Unfinished Sentence ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Two)

Unfinished Sentence Clare KauterAmateur sleuth Charlie Davies is back again, and this time she’s taking on a Russian gangster. Well, maybe.

Charlie’s boss, the less-than-friendly Adam Baxter, has received information that local club owner Lonny Lionel is, in fact, an escaped foreign criminal – but that’s not the kind of thing you can just come out and ask someone. Adam wouldn’t normally ask Charlie to help him (she’s not exactly his star employee), but she happens to have an ‘in’ – her friend is dating the man in question.

As if that’s not enough to deal with, James McKenzie – Charlie’s on-again, off-again worst enemy – is being strangely friendly towards her, and now her other nemesis (her former best friend, Celia) is back on the scene, looking to befriend her too. If she doesn’t watch out, Charlie is going to run out of adversaries.

Oh, apart from that gangster she’s spying on, who will torture and murder her if he finds out what she’s doing. (If he actually does turn out to be a criminal, that is.)

When she stumbles upon a dead body at a local construction site, Charlie starts to think that this time she might be in over her head.

Not that it would be that hard – she is pretty short.

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Graceless ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Three)

Graceless Clare KauterMeet Charlie Davies, Private Investigator…’s assistant.

“So, so very funny… I like these books so much, I feel guilty about it.”

When a little girl goes missing, Charlie is convinced that both the police and her boss are looking in the wrong place. She joins off-duty cop James McKenzie in a secret investigation into the clues everyone else seems to be overlooking: a threatening balloon, pink flowers and a lost piglet.

As if she wasn’t under enough pressure with keeping her investigation hidden from her boss, Charlie finds herself wondering about McKenzie’s real motives for spending time with her. And when more details of her brother’s disappearance come to light, she’s not sure whose side James is on…

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Higher Learning ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Four)

Higher Learning Clare KauterCharlie Davies is about to face her worst nightmare: she’s going back to high school. Following the death of a local schoolgirl, Charlie must go undercover to find out who is dealing drugs to students. Not only does this mean heading back to class, but she must also get to know the girl’s friends – who happen to be cheerleaders. Time to break out the pom-poms.

While at school, Charlie runs into her ex-boyfriend, now a science teacher, and can’t tell if he’s just being friendly or if there’s something a little off about him. And naturally, police officer James McKenzie is working the case too – which is kind of awkward, seeing as he and Charlie haven’t really spoken since The Incident.

None of this adds up to a fun case. That’s some maths even Charlie can do.

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Santa’s Little Helper ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Five)

Santa's Little HelperThere’s a flashing Santa on the loose, jingling his bells at unsuspecting holiday shoppers. Since Charlie is currently on her boss’s naughty list, she must go undercover as an elf to try and track this wayward Santa down. This means that at the jolliest time of year, Charlie will be reunited with her greatest enemy: retail.

Meanwhile, she must also try to find presents that don’t suck for all her friends and family. And speaking of family, there’s one more thing that’s adding to the stress of this Christmas: Harcourt, the high-ranking cop that Charlie is sure is corrupt, has reopened the investigation into her brother’s disappearance.

There is not enough rum in all the Christmas cakes in the world to make this holiday merry.

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Undetected ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Six)

Undetected Clare KauterCharlie Davies is back. And so, it seems, is Topher.

Oh brother.

All the signs point to Charlie’s big bro, Topher, being back in town. The trouble is, Charlie can’t find him – and she’s not the only one looking. Even for an amazing PI, this is a tricky case, and Charlie’s hardly in the ‘amazing’ category.

With the police searching for her brother, convinced that he’s a murderer, Charlie’s racing against the clock to find him and help him before he’s arrested – or worse.

And given the way Officer James McKenzie has been behaving, she’s not sure there’s anyone else on her brother’s side. She isn’t even certain which side that is. Because when it really comes down to it, Topher has been missing for five years. How well does anyone – even Charlie – know him anymore?

Of course, none of this is going to stop her from trying to find him first. Hey, she may not be all that talented, but no one can say Charlie Davies isn’t determined.

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Caught in the Act ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Seven)

Caught in the ActCharlie’s back, and this time she – well, she lets a murderer escape. Oops. Now she has to track the killer down, which would be a lot easier if she wasn’t still healing from her last scrape with a murderer. And it’s not just her injuries slowing her down. The constant nightmares about that guy she stabbed aren’t helping either.

Plus now that Topher’s back, keeping her thing with James McKenzie a secret is going to be tricky – especially since James and her bro are living together.

Charlie needs to catch the murderer, if she doesn’t get caught out first.

So basically it’s business as usual.

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Raising Hell ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Eight)

Raising Hell Clare KauterCharlie Davies is back again, and this time she’s taking on the devil.

When Charlie discovers the body of a priest seemingly sacrificed to Satan, the case seems pretty open and shut. After all, Charlie herself saw a certain Satan-loving member of her knitting circle in the area around the time of the murder.

But when she begins to delve deeper, it becomes apparent that there could be more to this case – and it could be connected to her friend Tim’s attempted murder.

When things take a turn for the illegal, Charlie can’t really ask her cop boyfriend James for help. Lucky Adam, her boss, is there to step in.

Just with the case. Not anything else.


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New Year, Screw You ( The Charlie Davies Mysteries, Book Nine)

New Year Screw YouCharlie Davies is back, and she’s bored. 

Not only has she not worked a case in months, but now that she’s on holidays her friends are dragging her along to a self improvement class to get ready for the new year. Early mornings, yoga, health food… Basically a total nightmare.

Plus her, uh, ‘friend’ Adam has been away from town for six months without sending so much as a text message her way, and Charlie’s beginning to wonder why he’s so studiously avoiding her.

When a man is found dead at the yoga studio during Charlie’s personal growth class, she’s thrilled. Finally! A dead body! A dream come true! Teaming up with her friend Eli, she sets about finding the culprit, although it would be a lot easier if her cop boyfriend would help. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem so keen on Charlie chasing after yet another murderer.

And when Adam returns to town, things start to get a little… complicated.

Charlie might have trouble sticking to some of her resolutions this year.

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Short Fuse ( A Charlie Davies Mysteries Prequel)

Short Fuse Clare KauterCharlie’s week just keeps going from bad to worse – and now her brother is missing.

Between attending school, working her terrible job, putting up with her arch nemesis and trying to keep her romance novel addiction under wraps, Charlie already had enough on her plate. But now Topher is gone. Where? And why? And what does it have to do with the weird police officer who keeps questioning her?

Charlie’s just about ready to explode. Then again, she almost always is.

You can read Short Fuse for free if you sign up for Clare Kauter’s newsletter. Otherwise, find all the buy information here.

But Alina, I want all of them!

Ha, now we’re speaking the same language 😀

That was my exact reaction after finishing book one. Luckily, you can buy the series in three box sets. You can also kid yourself you’re just reading three books, not nine. That’s what I did!

Just click on the covers and they’ll take you to Amazon.

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Have you read The Charlie Davies Mysteries?

Let me know what you think if you did. Oh, and join my new club. It’s called Bitch until Clare releases more books in the series. And is quick about it!  I know it’s long, but it’s very descriptive, don’t you think?

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