deadhead by Clare Kauter

Book Review: Deadhead by Clare Kauter

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Series:Damned Girl, Book One

Author:Clare Kauter

Genre:Mystery, Paranormal


After finishing all the Charlie Davies Mysteries books, I needed something more. So I moved to Deadhead by Clare Kauter. This is the first book in the Damned Girl series and it blends the humor and mystery of the Charlie books with an intriguing and sometimes downright crazy magical world. Nessa, the protagonist of Deadhead and all Damned Girl books, is a riot. On the magical scale, she falls under “other” which should tell you everything you need to know about her. She talks to ghosts, is wooed by the local witch coven, and has other… deadly? friends.

Deadhead by Clare Kauter

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Nessa sees dead people. Unfortunately, that includes Ed.

Nessa makes a living talking to the dead – until the government kills her business. To keep working as a medium she needs her magic licence, and the only way to get it is to complete a quest assigned by the Department of Magic and Death. (No, she didn’t know that was a thing either.)

The Department wants her to solve the poltergeist Ed’s murder. Not as easy as it sounds, given that everyone who meets him wants to kill him.

With a little help from the witches of the local coven, she sets out to find the killer and wrap up this mystery as fast as possible. After all, Nessa’s not your average medium, and with a shapeshifting government supervisor watching her every move, it’s going to be hard to keep her more unusual abilities hidden for long.

Not to mention that it seems like the murderer isn’t done just yet, and if Nessa doesn’t catch the culprit soon, she might end up joining Ed in the afterlife.

Eternity. With Ed.

She can’t imagine anything worse.

A hilarious fantasy novel featuring vampires, witches, faeries, and shapeshifters, along with the Grim Reaper and Satan herself. Perfect for those who love humorous fantasy and paranormal mysteries with a sprinkling of romance.

If you enjoy fun stories with a fantastical cast of characters, this series is for you! Download your copy now to start reading.

Review of Deadhead by Clare Kauter

When you start reading Deadhead, you figure out really quickly this is not your normal, female sleuth mystery. First off, Nessa, the protagonist and lead investigator is magical. And by that I mean she is a magic user. She talks to ghosts, and is soon accosted by an axolotl shifter who works for the Australian Department of Magic and Death and becomes her familiar. She also lives near a cemetery because, as she puts it,

When you deal in death, living near a cemetery gives you some street cred.

The investigation is as magical as could be – Nessa has to find the killer behind a poltergeist’s murder. Nessa, an apparent medium, will prove to pack a lot more punch than ghost-speak, and the cast of characters gets even more ridiculously awesome after the first chapter.

I loved the story, I loved the cast and the premise of the murder. The investigation being actually a quest only appealed to the geek in me. And my favorite secondary character war… Death. What? You’re crazy! Death is like… super hot in this book. Also smart. He could totally be the Adam of this series, only less of an asshole, more morbid, and immortal. Ed, the victim, starts out annoying and then kind of grows on you if you squint really hard. Kind of like a rash.

Clare Kauter has a thing for flawed (and potentially haunted) protagonists. Nessa is more of an antihero than anything else, but I totally love her. Yes, fine, I’m weird, but I prefer a powerful magic user with a lot of issues. The flaws, the dark past, the lack of 100% altruism only make her more believable and relatable.

TL;DR I loved the story, it’s a great mystery and it’s funny, and I am definitely continuing with the series.

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