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Book Review: Claimed by Gods by Eva Chase

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Title:Claimed by Gods

Series:Their Dark Valkyrie, Book One

Author:Eva Chase

Genre:Urban Fantasy, Reverse Harem


I am a fan of reverse harems. Well, I am a fan of reverse harems in manga and anime… I loved Ouran High School Host Club. And Amnesia… and other such treats. When it comes to reverse harems in romance… I wasn’t really sure about them. I tried one and it was okay, nothing special. I actually discussed this with my friend Nicki J Markus on our Genre Talk YouTube series. That’s when she mentioned Claimed by Gods by Eva Chase, the first book in Their Dark Valkyrie series. Urban fantasy and Norse mythology sounded great to me, Nicki said she loved the book (see her review here), so I decided to buy it for myself and give it a try. I am glad I did because I was pleasantly surprised. But before I tell you what I think about the book, let’s find out more about it.

Claimed by Gods by Eva Chase

The gods walk among us. And they just might steal your soul… or your heart.

I thought I’d survived everything life could throw at me. All I wanted was to keep my distance from the criminals I work for and get my little brother out of the hell that is our mother’s house.

Then I died and woke up to four stunningly hot gods telling me I’m now a valkyrie.

Sly, sharp Loki. Jovial but ferocious Thor. Dreamily compassionate Baldur. Grim and secretive Hod. They all have something to teach me. And around them, my walls start to crack.

But the gods didn’t summon me just for kicks. Their king is missing, and they need me to find him. The first three valkyries they sent on the job never made it back.

More power is awakening in me than I could ever have imagined—and the gods’ enemies are more devious than even they knew. It’s going to take every trick in the book for me to save myself, my brother, and these divine men who’re getting under my skin in the most alluring way.

I’m Aria Watson, and Valhalla ain’t seen nothing yet.

*Claimed by Gods is the first full-length novel in a medium-burn reverse harem urban fantasy series. This action-packed, heart-wrenching ride gives you a kickass heroine, four irresistible gods, and Norse mythology like you’ve never seen it before.*

Claimed by the Gods Review

As anything myth and pantheon based is like catnip for me, I dived into this reverse harem urban fantasy. I was a bit careful not to have great expectations from the reverse harem part, but I wanted to explore the world and the story anyway. And I’m glad I did it. While Claimed by Gods did not suddenly make me totally love reverse harem in romance fiction, I did enjoy this story and its take on this trope. The Norse gods were portrayed in an intriguing way, even if I did notice some Marvel influences as Nicki mentioned. Despite that, I still loved them, and Loki was my favorite, with Hod a close second. Yes, I am surprised he outranked Thor too.

The female protagonist, Aria, is an interesting character. Her fears, childhood, life experiences, her preferences, they all somehow explain why she would hardly bat an eye at being attracted to these gods. She’s independent, fierce, and suspicious by nature, and that does not change in her afterlife as a Valkyrie. Meeting these men, immortal as they might be, does not automatically fix everything for her, and I loved that! What I found extremely well written was Aria’s reaction to her new state of being. Her disbelief and fear, her reluctance to trusting any of the gods, it all seemed very authentic.

The reverse harem part did not read ridiculously overdone to me (as it was the case in previous tries to read such books), because it wasn’t overwhelming enough to force me out of the story. I can suspend my disbelief just fine, but if you give me a flighty loner and then’s she’s suddenly super down to getting it on with a bunch of strangers all at once, I will not buy it. Claimed by Gods does not suddenly drop you into a steamy romance, the book spends time developing the relationships and while the entire harem aspect is hinted at, it’s only just beginning in book one. I suspect Aria will slowly warm up to the rest of the gods as the story progresses in future installments.

The story is filled with fights and adventure, and that’s particularly enticing for me as a reader. The more fighting scenes, the better, especially if there are some twists and surprises to keep me interested. If you like urban fantasy and mythology, you will also love Claimed by Gods.

TL;DR Hot gods, kickass Valkyrie, great romance, smart use of the reverse harem trope, and lots of adventure and fighting. I enjoyed it enough to know I’ll continue with the series.

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A little about the author, Eva Chase

Eva Chase lives in Canada with her family. She loves stories both swoony and supernatural, and strong women and the men who appreciate them. You can visit her online at

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