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Mystery Book Review: When Anthony Rathe Investigates by Matthew Booth

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Title:When Anthony Rathe Investigates

Author:Matthew Booth


Publisher:Sparkling Books Limited

Hello all, I have a mystery book review for you today. I’ve received an early review copy of Matthey Booth’s upcoming book – When Anthony Rathe Investigates. This mystery short story collection will be released on September 18th, so check it out and get your copy before then.

***The original Anthony Rathe stories of courtroom criminal cases appeared on American public radio, syndicated by the late Jim French through his Imagination TheaterWhen Anthony Rathe Investigates continues where the radio stories finished.

When Anthony Rathe Investigates – Blurb

Prosecuting criminal cases, barrister Anthony Rathe convinced a jury to imprison an innocent man, who subsequently took his own life. Horrified at his mistake, Rathe abandons his glittering legal career, vowing to truly serve justice. A series of cases come his way.

These four stories, linked by how Rathe is racked with guilt over the suicide, explore crime from a different angle: determination to find the truth, no matter how inconvenient to the investigating officer, Inspector Cook. The first story, Burial for the Dead, exposes sordid family history that led to a murder in a church. In A Question of Proof, Inspector Cook needs Rathe to unravel an underworld murder; in Ties that Bind Rathe solves a crime of passion; and in The Quick and the Dead, modern slavery intrudes into his own personal life.

When Anthony Rathe Investigates

Review: When Anthony Rathe Investigates by Matthew Booth

This was a collection of mystery short stories, all of them interesting and quite enjoyable. Anthony Rathe leaves his legal career behind after a wrongly accused man commits suicide and takes on cases in his almost obsessive attempt to unveil the truth, help those he knows, and find a way to forgive himself for his past errors.

The mysteries were interesting but quite short. The only downside to that is that there’s no real room for a lot of red herrings. I was pleased with failing to discover the culprit too early on for most of these stories (only one exception).

The stories are written in third person omniscient, which I don’t usually mind, but I found I don’t prefer for mysteries. Getting into the head of everyone involved takes a bit away from the mystery.

All in all, an enjoyable mystery collection. Check it out if this sounds appealing to you!

Get your copy of When Anthony Rathe Investigates on Amazon or visit the publisher’s website for all buying option.

About the Author

Matthew Booth is the author of Sherlock Holmes and the Giants Hand and one of the authors contributing to Further Exploits of Sherlock Holmes. He is an author in the MX Publishing Undershaw Preservation project, having contributed to their anthologies of new Sherlock Holmes stories.

Matthew was a scriptwriter for the American radio network, Imagination Theater, syndicated by Jim French Productions, contributing particularly to their series: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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