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Book Review: An End to Summer by Diana Rose Wilson

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Title:An End to Summer


Author:Diana Rose Wilson

Genre:Fantasy, Gay Romance


Publisher:Torrid Books

An End to Summer by Diana Rose Wilson is the first in the SpiritLands Series. The fantasy world this books introduces is a fascinating one, so read on to find out more.

An End to Summer Blurb

There are natural fissures between reality and the spirit world. Those talented few can use the gates but there is a price for exploring them. Fifteen-year-old Alexander Harris-Wallace has no idea of the dangers when he is thrust through one of the portals.

On the crescent shore Alexander is labeled a spy and traitor, and to survive, he must prove his worth to the kingdom and its people. His search for home is complicated when he finds himself entangled with a powerful warrior Prince.

Despite their differences in age, rank, social status, and the wars tearing at the lands, every passing year binds them tighter together. The cost for such a glorious love and life must be paid with sacrifice.

Is their bond destined to be torn apart? Or is it strong enough to transcend the borders of their worlds?

An End to Summer by Diana Rose Wilson Review

An End to Summer was a nice surprise for me. This gay fantasy read had an interesting take on shifters and the supernatural. The worlds it portrayed, both the supernatural take on the world we know and the parallel spirit realm were a nice blend of innovative and familiar. The war mounts, the powerful shifters, the civilizations Alexander explores and his own coming of age and love stories made this an enticing read.

With a wide range of characters and many interlinked storylines, An End to Summer sets up interesting possibilities for future books in the series. The only problem I had with it was its pacing issues. There were entire sections I felt could be summarized in a paragraph or two, and others, like huge battles, needed to be explored deeper. That, however, comes from a fan of riveting adventures in my fiction.

Despite being listed in Amazon’s erotica subgenres, the romance in An End to Summer is a slow burn, with very little scenes of a sexual nature given the length of the book. So ignore the categories and treat this as an enjoyable fantasy gay romance novel and enjoy it!

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