Eyes on Books is all about authors, readers, and the stories that connect them. We want to help them connect by spotlighting books and those who have written them. Sometimes the most interesting story makes no waves at all simply because readers don’t know about it, and we plan on changing that!

After being written, a book needs a lot of work and care to be ready for release. Editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design and illustrations, a promotion strategy that covers all the stages in your book’s life, and publicity for the author and their future or past stories. We aim to provide all of these services ourselves or through other service providers that focus on books and the publishing industry.

To make all that happen, here is what we’re offering:

  • Editing, design, PR and Marketing services for authors and publishers.
  • Tips, tricks, and guides to help you do all the above yourselves.
  • A comprehensive list of companies and individuals providing services (free or paid) for authors, publishers, and readers.
  • News on everything book related to help you have a clear idea about the industry and where it’s going.