Audiobook #Review – As You Wish by Isobel Starling
As you Wish by Isobel Starling

This is the first ever audiobook review on EyesOnBooks! I am so happy to share this new milestone with you and today I’m reviewing As You Wish by Isobel Starling. Enjoy! As You Wish By Isobel Starling – Book Blurb One wedding, two best men, one hell of a love story! Declan Ramsay’s brother Oliver […]

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Blog Tour – Falling Hard by Dale Cameron Lowry

Synopsis Falling Hard features nine of Dale Cameron Lowry’s best short romance stories, available for the first time in one book. Meet a sign language interpreter who finds unexpected love at middle-age, college students in their first relationships, a vampire who would rather be a vegan, and a proudly gay ex-Mormon atheist who sells Bibles for […]

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Double Blog Tour #Review – Roadhouse Reds and Spider Webs & Cover Art by Layla Dorine
Double Tour Layla Dorine banner

ROADHOUSE REDS Born moments before his parents crashed landed on Earth, Jason was raised in foster care. As soon as he was old enough, he packed his backpack and hit the road. Just him and his bike. Now a jaded young man, living above a roadhouse diner and bar with several other misfits, he struggles […]

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Cover Reveal – Blood Lines by A.L. Bates

Synopsis Mark Thomas owns his own “New York”-themed bar on an off-world colony. Nate Fox is an ex-con gone straight. He’s also Mark’s best friend and brother-in-law. Mark has feelings for Nate. Nate has feelings for Mark. But neither man is prepared to compromise their friendship or Mark’s relationship with Danny. Blood Lines is a […]

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Book Feature – Killer Pursuit by Jeff Gunhus

  Thriller Date Published: January 18, 2016 When a secret webcam is found in the Georgetown bedroom of a murdered high-society call girl, everyone in Washington, DC wants the recording…especially the killer. After a high-society call girl is brutally murdered in her Georgetown home, investigators find two cameras hidden in the walls of her bedroom. […]

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Cover Reveal – Men in Uniform, A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology

Synopsis Like your boys in blue keeping the… peace? Hot firemen dealing with… heat? Naval Officers getting in way too… deep? Perhaps you have a ‘thing’ for marines… Or do you prefer your Men In Uniform to belong in the future? Another galaxy? Another time? Wherever your love of a uniform leads you, MEN IN […]

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Book Blast – The Siege of Lady Aloria by Christina McKnight

Synopsis Lady Aloria has experienced firsthand what balls, betrothals, and the ensuing betrayals can do to a woman. To heal her heart, Aloria’s aim is to simply survive her final grand ball before her twenty-fourth birthday, and hope that her parents finally come to terms with her spinsterhood and allow her to retire to the […]

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Fresh Release: The One That I Want by R.J. Jones

Synopsis Jason escapes into the magic of a Broadway play every weekend. Musicals always have a happy ending and for a few hours he can believe there’s a happy ending waiting for him, too. When the tall drink of water who works on the top floor of Jason’s building, wants to take him on a […]

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#Review: Afterglow by Kora Knight

Synopsis With his secret out and uncertainty behind him, Tad finds himself in this new, incredible place. A place where, finally, he can just be himself. Which means no more over-analyzing every feeling Scott stirs inside him. Because now Tad has the confidence to act on them instead. To be with the guy that he’s […]

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Fresh Release: Blind Redemption by Denise Dearth and Amy Gillen

A woman is missing, paths are misleading. Can Psychic Detective Jackie Vaughn see through the veil of lies to find her? Synopsis Kidnapped and sold into the Chinese slave trade the survival of Annette Freder, the wife of University Chancellor, Charles Freder, depends on struggling psychic detective, Jackie Vaughn. Crippled by grief over the unexpected […]

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