Release Day Party

Release day parties are day events organized on Facebook to help you promote your freshly release book. They are a great reminder to your readers to buy and read the book.

Authors need to be present on Facebook during these events.

  • Event setup
    • Setup the event on Facebook.
    • Invite guests.
    • Promote event to relevant book groups.
    • Create artwork for the event: event banner, other images and illustrations.
    • Discuss potential activities and giveaways with the author.
  • During the party
    • Hosting with the author throughout the party
    • Stimulate engagement and conversations.
    • Manage and promote games and giveaways throughout the event.
  • After the party
    • Manage prizes and all pending queries for the author.


Release Day Blitz on book blogs. To make the best out of your release day and get the word out to as many readers as possible, inviting book blogs to post about your latest book is always helpful. We will contact blogs, create the book promotion kit, and manage post sharing for all participating blogs.

Price: 50 USD or 70 USD (Release Day Blitz included)

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