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Book Bloggers, Amazon Reviews, and the Purpose of Book Blog Tours
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Before we begin, you should know that I started as a reader. I’ve been reading since before I turned five and love doing to this day. I am the kind of reader that tries all genres. I will never say “I only read this” or “I only publish reviews of X type of books.” I […]

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Monday Marketing Bite: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Organizing Your Book Blog Tour

Blog tours are a great way of promoting a book – you get word out, you get reviews, more people decide to try you out and click buy. There is a lot of work that goes into organizing a blog tour, and sometimes mistakes happen. I’ve made or seen some of these myself, and learning […]

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Monday Marketing Bite: Author vs Book Facebook Page

Which is the better social media marketing option: creating an author Facebook page, or a dedicated page for your book and/or series? Find out the pros and cons of each option!

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#BookPR What the Heck is a Book Blog Tour?

To most of us participating in them, they seem pretty obvious, but to most people – from book reviewers to readers and authors that are new to this type of promotion – the blog tour that promotes a book is a mystery. Sure, they might know every element it comprises, but what the tour really […]

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Writers rejoice, blogging is not dead!

Blogging is dead. I’ve heard that a few times in the past decade. Yes, I have been blogging for almost ten years and blogging is still alive and well. Yet people rush to announce its death so often, it drives me insane.  A while back I saw the obituary in a post that mostly dealt with how […]

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Easy to use HTML posts – A helping hand or a menace in disguise?

If you’ve organized a blog tour, cover reveal, or release day part for a book or if you’ve joined one of those events, you’ve seen  them being emailed around – the HTML posts you just copy and paste into your text composer and voila, your blog tour article is ready to go! Whenever you do […]

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