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Monday Marketing Bite: The Three Golden Rules of Guest Posting

Whether part of a book blog tour or an occasional marketing strategy to reach new readers, guest posts should be an integral part of an author’s promotional tool kit. Why? First off, because of the promise of reaching a new audience. Meeting new readers at their usual hangout – book blogs and social media groups […]

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Monday Marketing Bite: Author vs Book Facebook Page

Which is the better social media marketing option: creating an author Facebook page, or a dedicated page for your book and/or series? Find out the pros and cons of each option!

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Writers rejoice, blogging is not dead!

Blogging is dead. I’ve heard that a few times in the past decade. Yes, I have been blogging for almost ten years and blogging is still alive and well. Yet people rush to announce its death so often, it drives me insane.  A while back I saw the obituary in a post that mostly dealt with how […]

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