L E Fitzpatrick

As an indie author I tried to do everything myself and what an absolute nightmare. To start off with I didn’t have a clue what to do and then when I eventually figured things out what I had done was pretty awful. What’s worse was I hated every minute of marketing. Like most writers I’d rather be tucked away in a plot than drawing publicity to myself.

That’s why I turned to Eyes on Books who didn’t just take all the nasty marketing jobs off my hands they brought order to my publishing chaos. I released my latest book with Eyes on Books holding my hand every step of the way and I haven’t had to worry about a thing. They have sorted out book tours, release parties and even managed all the design and banner work.

Everything they have done has been highly professional and always on time. The book tours they have organised have been an absolute blast and my audience has really grown because of them.
But aside from all the work they did for me the biggest help was having someone to turn to whenever I had a question or needed help – which was usually two or three times a day. Alina and Eyes on Books have been with me every step of the way, being my personal assistant, my advisor, my counsel and my support. I probably wouldn’t still be publishing without their help and now all I have to do is keep writing.

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