Taylin Clavelli

Eyes on Books was first introduced to me via Wayward Ink Publishing when they helped promote my first Novel. I was so happy with the service that I have used them several times since to promote three short stories culminating in a tour of all three.

Alina is an absolute pleasure to work with and her knowledge of promotions is exceptional. I have no doubt that without her, my books wouldn’t have had anywhere near the sales they did. She has a long reaching hand and a plethora of contacts which got my name and my stories out and reviewed. Which for a new author is essential. Being new to the game, Alina advised, guided, held my hand where necessary and was at my side or every step of the promotional journey. And the work she did behind the scenes was phenomenal. All blogs, interviews, reviews, parties, twitter, facebook (the list continues), went through Alina and Eyes on Books.

Eyes on Books took the headache and minefield out of promoting my work and got it to a wide audience at a very reasonable price.

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